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Louie G’s Pizzeria & Pasta & Local Music for All Ages

There  is a new hotspot in town. Fife that is, located conviently between Tacoma, Federal Way , and a short drive from Auburn, Kent, and Puyallup.

 Louie G’s Pizzeria and Pasta offers killer pizza and pasta dishes, music for all ages and a decent selection of beer and soda. It truly has the feel of an old time Pizzeria and Arcade with a small selection of classic video games and pinball.  It is a safe place to let your kids play and have a family dinner without the Cheesy cardboard (and just as Cheesy atmosphere) of other arcate pizza joints.

I first visited last year and was pleasantly surpised that the unassuming looking outside of the building, squished between the VFW hall and the ancient, but iconic, Poodle Dog Restuarant, contained a very large and very worthy Pizzeria.

I was even more surprised that it was fully wheelchair accessible in every way. I notice this because of my husband’s disability, but I mention it here because sometimes even places that say they are accessable overlook minor details that make getting around difficult for the mobility challenges.  The restroom doors are wide, the floor is open and the doorway is level.

Our first trip, we chose to sit at the back bar and little did we know that our server was Louie himself and we very much enjoyed our food, visiting with him and hearing about his dreams and goals for the business and just shooting the bull.   He is almost always around and he is usually busy doing something but if you see him, he will always be happy to stop and chat witha customer and he will remember your face when you come back.

It is nothing fancy and atmosphere wise, aside from the small arcade, it is just a pizza place, until you venture to the bar in the back and the larger back room. They have several beers on tap and a selection of wines available at reasonable prices.

The menu is large and really does have something for everyone, from the Mini pie starting at $3.99 for 8 inches of cheesy goodness cooked in a NY brick oven for the smaller appetite, to a ginormous 28 inch Little Italy that starts at $39.99 for cheese and could feed a mob of teenages until they experience the ultimate food coma.

If pizza isn’t your thing, screw a $5 footlong ..go for Louie’s longshore subs that come in 12″ and 24″!  There are also other sandwhiches, Gyro’s, a good selection of pasta dishes and salads, salad bar and appetizers. Oh, and burgers too if that was not enough.  Pizzas range from your basics to the slighly more adventurous like Giancarlo Cashew Chicken with Pesto Sauce, Grilled Chicken, Cooked Tomato, Bacon, Red Onion, Feta Cheese & Cashews.   The pizza crusts are perfecly crispy yet pliable and homemade and hand thrown. The toppings are always fresh and generous.

On our last visit (we actually made two visits in one day), I had an order of fried chicken gizzards (a guilty pleasure of mine). Not all like them and everyplace I have ever had them does them differently. Since I ordered them with my meal, I was hoping to get them first but they came after I was half done with my food due to a kitchen mix up (it was busy during a show so I will be a little forgiving on that one), but they were not the best thing on the menu. They were tough and rather bland. (Gizzards , if marinated and pressure fried can be tender and juicy).

My lunch meal consisted of a small Lucky pizza with artichokes added. This pie comes with Garlic Alfredo, Grilled Chicken, Red Onion, Black Olives, And Mushrooms.  All I can say was perfection on a plate. Just the right amount of toppings, they were fresh and juicy and the taste was wonderfully mild with a perfect amount of alfredo sauce to make it not messy or too rich but let the othe flavors blend well with the garlic.

Dinner, for myself was a full sized order of chicken parmeasan. Again, perfect! I am very picky about marinara sauce. I don’t like tomatoes, so a sauce that is too bland will turn me away and there should be spice but not overpowering. I am used to my own or my mothers homemade ..cooked all day with  meat and vegetables in a cast iron dutch oven or slow cooker. Because of this, I rarely order past with red sauce. Louies in of the few places I will not hesitate to order it. Yum is all I can say! This meal is big enough for two to split with two pieces of chicken breast breaded and smothered and a side of spaghetti. DJ had the veal parmesean sandwich for lunch and I had trouble getting an opinion out of him becuase he was too busy chewing and enjoying the beast of a sandwich he had in front of him.

My teen daughter ordered the chicken and mushroom fettucine and though she was not feeling 100%, she managed to eat some of it. It was smothered in magically delisous fresh mushrooms.

Feeling like comfort food…I saw a burger on the menu that is a burger patty between two grilled cheese sandwiches! 

Now, add to the excellent food, live music from some of todays most popular up and coming local bands in an all ages venue, you have a great place to take family, a date or just sit back relax after work on a weekend.

A current list of shows can be found on reverbnation.com , but I recommend following on facebook as well as there are sometimes improptu sessions by such artists as Rane Stone of Klover Jane. (Rane likes to stop by on occasional random evenings and do some solo acoustic sets to try out new music).

Upcoming shows include Rush and Heart cover bands and local artists like Dudley Taft and Amadon.

The Louie G’s story (from the website)

Its simple really... I've been cooking for over 15
Years. I took a break from it for a few years but
the passion was always in my heart. When my
Father's dying wish was for me to get back into
it, I did. I opened Louie G's in Fife, WA in 2007
after 2 months remodeling which included true
New York Ovens and putting up everything I own
as collateral. Here we are. My lovely wife Andrea
are in this together as owners & Operators. I work
80-100 hours a week to make sure the quality and
service is #1. We are not here to make Millions, we
are here to simply to feed hard working Americans.
That's what you all deserve, and you'll get it at
Louie G's Pizzeria.

"Welcome to my Dream... You're all in it."-Louie G  

My advice? If you are looking for good food and pizza and a cold mug of beer,  stop at Louie G’s while cruising I5 in Fife.

 If you want some fun live music on a full sized stage with great lighting and sound, take the whole family. There are not a lot of great venues in the south King, Pierce are that teens can hang out with friends or family and that offer quality live artists and local music.


Louie G’s Pizzeria
4802 Pacific Hwy East #B
Fife, WA 98424

Phone: 253-926-9700
Phone: 253-926-9701
Fax: 253-926-0147

Monday-Friday: 10:30am – 9:00pm or later
Saturday: 11:00am – 9:00pm or later
Sunday Closed: Louie needs a day to rest


Restaurant Review: Hard Rock Cafe Seattle

The sun was shining on Saturday and we decided to take a family trip down to Pike Place Market to see what was available for fresh produce and I had been wanting to check out Papperdelle’s Pasta for some dark chocolate linguini and I also bought some Garlic Chive Papperdelle because the recipe for Garlic Chive Pappardelle al Limone sounds so wonderful. I can’t wait to make this.

I didn’t get to spend as much time at the market as I had hoped because I was out voted for lunch. I wanted to nibble my way through the shops at the market, Deejster and my daughter wanted to eat at Hard Rock Cafe.  I didn’t object to this choice since we had visiting the ones in Miami (my favorite so far) and Las Vegas.

Seattle’s Hard Rock seems much smaller than I would have expected, but as I expected there was some awesome local music memorabilia adorning the walls, such as a well used looking set of drums from Alice in Chains.

and a guitar from Pearl Jam.

I reached for the drink menu first and figured it is never a good sign when there are no prices on the menu!  But alas, they had a Waborita and my daughter chose a smoothie that came with the souvenier glass. They were great about giving us a boxed one rather than having to take the sticky one home.Waborita and a smoothie

I must say that this was one of the best margaritas ever! Kudos to the bartender for this beautiful concoction that was perfect for a sunny day on the waterfront.

Both my daughter and my husband would eat cheeseburgers everyday if they could. They are not terribly picky about this either, though Deejster usually prefers Red Robin and the child likes …well an AM/PM gut bomb will do the trick there, but it agreed that certain burgers do stand above the rest. Places like Five Guys with the simplest menu on earth to Red Mill ( a hole in the wall once featured on Diners, Drive ins, and dives)are among the favorites.

First I saw the price! A $16.00 burger? I asked if we wanted to share an appetizer plate, but again, I was outvoted so we dove in wholeheartedly.

They both ordered the Hicory Bacon BBQ Cheeseburger. I am pretty sure the child inhaled hers because before I even got through my first onion ring, she had it half gone.

I believe the term she used to describe it was “napkinny” as it took at least 3 to keep up with the juices flowing out of this beast. Deej struggled to finish his though he was determined, I think he lost the battle in the end. When our waiter, flamboyant and fun Sean, returned and asked if we wanted desert, he got a “Hell no!” from him.

I tend to be more adventuours when it comes to flavors and I like hot and spicy, so the Red, White and Blue buger appealed to my senses. The menu says ” Laced and grilled with our spicy Buffalo sauce and Cajun Seasoning then topped with crumbled blue cheese and a crisp fried onion ring.”

Not only did it smell amazing, it was a beauty on the plate. I started on the onion rings and of course while I was in awe of the hot , crunchy , yet tender and sweet rings, I had to share bites reluctanty so the other two could get a taste. The buger was a blissful combo of a generous amount of blue cheese crumbles (not overpowering ) and cajun spice combined with a milder/not to vinegary buffalo sauce that came on the side. I told our waiter the worste part of the meal was that I actually ate the whole thing and wasn’t sure I could move.

I would not recommend Hard Rock Seattle for daily lunch, but take a group and get the large table/booth with the Microsoft Surface that you can play with interactivly. It set us back over $85 for three drinks and three bugers, so it is not someplace to go on a budget, but for a special occasion, I would surely recommend it.  The burgers were worth the price. We were full and the plates were clean!

Food: [Rating:5.0]
Price: [rating:3.5]
Atmosphere: [rating:4.5]

I heart Burger and Sub

15117 NE 24th St
Redmond, wa, 98052
(425) 641-2003.

No, that isn’t just a crazy name for this post, it is the name of a real restaurant in Redmond. I burger and sub is not a very creative or attractive name, but don’t let that stop you from trying it out.

This is probably the best kept secret in Redmond. It just opened in December and it is close to Microsoft, so during the lunch hour it can get a bit busy, but the burgers are big and juicy and prices are great. You can get the lunch special for $6.99 any day and that is a burger or sandwich, soup, salad or fried and a drink. If you get a punch card you get the 11th meal for $5 off so that is also a pretty good deal. I just filled mine up today so I have a virtually free lunch coming soon.

There is a wide selection of burgers on the menu, ranging in price from $3.99 for a classic burger to $8.99 for the 1/2 lb angus burger, so if I had to choose between the nearby Burger King and this one, for the same price, I think you get a better burger.

When I am feeling less health concious, I love the Ham Bacon Burger..need I say more! Burger and Pork!  The western BBQ burger is also great.  On one occasion I had a slight mix up and they gave me someone elses order so I got a turkey melt instead of the burger i ordered, but I hope the other person enjoyed my burger because I did enjoy thier sandwhich.

Today was the second time I have had the French Dip as I am always in search of a good one and even though Arbys is right in the same parking lot, I said I wanted a GOOD one..Arby’s doesn’t fit that bill. The one I had today was filled with hot meat and melted cheese and had hot and tasty aujus.

This is what one should look like…you can at least find the meat!

For more info about I love burger and sub, see this article that was in the Redmond Reporter.

[gview file=”http://www.halfbakedinseattle.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/loveburger.pdf”]

Safeway Deli: How hard is it to make a sandwich?

I chose to grab a quick bite at the (Microsoft) Safeway Deli today (15000 NE 24th, Redmond, Wa 98052) .  I take a late lunch so it is sometimes the case that the soup is on low supply or burnt to the bottom of the tureen. I have come to accept this as a fact of life as an affect of a busy lunch rush and the employees not having time to refill it.

Today I decided to have soup and a sandwich and my favorite “loaded baked potato” soup was available.  I then proceeded to get into the sandwich line and look at a menu flyer telling me the breads available, meats, cheeses etc. I waited 15 minutes watching a woman make a sandwich one piece at a time and barely being able to figure that out, before she even acknowledged me and then skipped me and asked the other lady who got in line after me.  Am I invisible?

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