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12 Days of Kitchen Gadgets: #1 Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker

I have finally arrived at my favorite kitchen gadget!  I love my Keurig B60 Special Edition Gourmet Single-Cup Home-Brewing System .

I have always been a fairly light coffee drinker, and since I am the only one in the house most of the time that does drink it, making a whole pot of coffee is a waste of time and coffee.   I hate messing with filters and grounds and the mess in general.Yes, I am lazy, so I found that with limited time and the hassle, I often found myself stopping for coffee on the way to work more than brewing a pot for myself.

Now I have a new best friend in my kitchen that makes me a cup of fresh coffee  from power on to hot cup in about two mintues. It takes me longer to figure out what variety I want than to make the cup.

This machine uses K-Cups and between Amazon and Keurig, there are many varieties of coffee, tea and hot cocoa to choose from. I highly recommend buying the cups from one of these two places. Bed, Bath and Beyond also carries them in a pinch, but the prices are higher.

The brewer has an easy to read display and a simple to operate timer function to auto turn on and off for you, temperature control and it will even tell you when it is time to clean it.

You can choose from three different cup sizes .

The water reservoir  is removable and holds enough water for several large cups. I used filtered water from my refrigerator dispenser to keep from having build up and thus not having to clean the machine as much.

I now wonder why I didn’t buy one of these sooner, but what finally tipped my wallet was the fact that I was not locked into buying k-cups.

There is a re-usable k-cup filter that can be used with your own favorite coffee. I have used it a couple times with my favorite coffees from Old Brisbee Roasters.

K-cups come in so many varieties, it is hard to choose where to start, but some of my favorites are :

Kahlua, Pumpkin spice, and Emeril’s Vanilla Bean Bam.

I also love the Pure Peppermint tea and the English breakfast. There is also a great lemon flavoried iced tea that I used a bunch in the summer and Deejster and my daughter both like the Dark Chocolate hot cocoa . (I also like this made half and half with coffee).

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