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Taste of Tacoma 2010


The sun finally came out on a weekend in the Puget Sound and after a fairly cloudy morning I was beginning to think that heading out to Taste of Tacoma was not going to make for an exciting day yesterday, but as the morning progressed it sun started to burn off the funk and the temperature started to rise.

The trip to Tacoma from Kent should not be too troubling, however it seemed the GPS unit, the traffic light controllers and even a tunnel were out to get me  to change my mind. GPS decided the fastest way to get there was down HWY 99 through Fife…hmm ok , I will play along. I must have hit every red light possible , but since we needed to make a stop for some spa chemicals at Olympic Hot Tub Company anyways, we were on the right track…so we thought. Just was we got close to our stop, the traffic light turned green for 1 car to go through, then red again…WTF? Turns out the File police dept and some pilot cars were coming off of I-5 and trucking in something that looked like part of the Port of Tacoma! It was huge and it moved at snails pace around the corner and took up two lanes of 99!  Finally, after the stop was made,ruston tunnel we made our way into Tacoma. Traffic back up around the Tacoma Dome be damned…I was going to get there! I decided the scenic route down the Ruston waterfront was a better plan than Pearl street…it was until we hit the tunnel…and I mean HIT the tunnel! Yes, I scraped the passenger side on the way out and my hubby will not let me forget it!  Coming out of this minute tube while two cars were coming in turned out to be trickier than I expected in a wheelchair modified (lowered) mini van! Luckily it is only a little cosmetic damage to the trim beneath the sliding door that has already been chewed up by speed bumps and potholes through the years. 

Traffic into the Taste of Tacoma was also tricky, but with the aid of a wheelchair designated plate I was able to bypass the long line and get straight to the handicap parking area. The staff was wonderful about getting us parked quickly and clearing pedestrians from our path that didn’t seem to have any idea that a car was coming through and that they should probably move way lest the reckless, tunnel banging, van driver might run them down! 

PiroshkyThe first stop for Deejster always must be for Piroshky. Normally we see Kaleenka Piroshky at food events, however there was Russian Piroshky here and he decided to try this since it was different. He chose an onion and beef version and it was first and foremost, very hot!  One bite into the steamy goodness and I could smell the beef and onion mix and I could tell he was happy with his choice. Of course I had to swipe a bite or two for myself.  Rather than a ball of dough with filling, this was a real pastry, buttery and fluffy and flaky! 

My personal favorite is Southern Kitchen. I knew about this place well before it was on Diners, Drive In’s and Dives. This is probably the best kept secret in Tacoma, though it is not really a secret. Anyone that has lived in the area knows it is there and if you like southern hospitality and food, this is the place to be. I big plate of jambalaya and some sweet tea and I was on my way to a tummy full of foodie heaven.


From there we headed over to Smokey’s BBQ for a $3.00 pulled pork slider to split.  Great tasting pork. We were giving a taste of their sausage as well…it was very mild and had good flavor but I like things with a bit more spice so I wasn’t in a hurry to try a full order of it. 

Deejster waned desert! He found Ben and Jerrys and downed a cookies and cream waffle cone. I went for the strawberry shortcake and that was all I could do! 

Deej had never been through the Point Defiance rose gardens so we decided to edge away from the crowded food and vendor areas and take a little walk though. The roses in full bloom, the smell was so pretty and sweet!  Deanroses

  This is probably one of the largest rose bushes I have ever seen.

It was a nice way to spend the day with my hubby, not as crowded as Bite of Seattle gets and not as many food vendors, but plenty to choose from. I got a bit sunburned, but that means there was actually sun so I don’t mind a bit,

DSCN1121 red rose pink yellow rose

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