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Giveaway-Put a flying spaghetti (scrub)monster in your sink!

I saw an article a couple of months ago about something called a Spaghetti Scrub and I was both a bit skeptical of the press release info that was included and intrigued at the same time. The information from the company stating that there was a replacement for the kitchen scrubber sponge that would not make my sink smell bad, that would not ruin my non stick pans and that would look so…. fun? Why would I want I flying spaghetti monster in my sink!

I immediately went directly to the source and contacted  Goodbye Detergent ® to see if I could get a couple of these to test/try and see if indeed I could stop the breeding of ugly kitchen sink bacteria  and still get things clean!  They responded quickly and sent a couple of these little guys to me quickly.

According to their website, Spaghettie scrubs feature:

  • Reusable scrubs last for months
  • Unique pliable shape
  • Great for peeling vegetables
  • Lack of mold and bacteria
  • No smell or rust
  • Save money and the environment by reducing the need for soaps

I find that ALL of the above are true.  I have had them a couple of months and they are as good as new.  I love them for stuck on food in hard to reach places.

I seriously dislike peeling my fingers with a potato peeler and if you are just needed a quick scrub down for a carrot, though I wouldn’t recommend us

ing the same one you have been scrubbing dishes with, they do work. I have not seen any signs of mold and I don’t happen to have a petri

dish handy to do a scientific test, but judging by the fact that they are not slimy and do not smell bad, I would say that bacterial residue is minimal after rinsing them out.  Saving money? $10.99 for two on Amazon, or you can find them at Metropolitan Market or City Kitchens in Seattle,  seems a bit expensive for scrubbers, but once you realize how much longer they last and how much better they clean, I think you may find it worth the cost.

What else makes these unique? Made from Corn Cobs(Yellow=coarse) and Peach Pits (red=gentle), they are organic and because these are lightly abrasive, they use less detergent and are thus better for the environment. Simple dampen, wipe and hang to dry.  I was concerned about the coarseness of them but found that while they didn’t work too well on my cast iron grill pan ( still need a heavy duty metal scrubber for them) they didn’t harm my non stick and even dried on gooey old food that got left in a pan for a few days while I took a stomach flu break from chores came out with ease (and while the pan might have made me a bit nauseous, the scrubber did not).

I have scoured (sorry-bad pun intended) other blogs and all seem to agree that these are the best new kitchen item around.

If biodegradable, cute and clean doesn’t do it for you, how about sexy? A creative marketing video shows some things I bet you never thought about doing with  a stinky kitchen sponge!

Did that get you excited? Do you want your own set now? Do you have scrubbie envy? You can’t have mine, but you can get your own set!

Post a comment on the blog (be sure you register and include a valid email) and I will pick a winner by October 15th to get their own set.

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  1. kidbooks4u, September 20, 2010:

    I would love to be entered to win. Not sure if we are supposed to post here or not. ____sw999400a@hotmail.com

  2. Roseanne, September 20, 2010:

    I would love to try these!

  3. Lisa, September 22, 2010:

    How exciting! I would love the chance to try these. :) Great giveaway.
    duncan.lisa at gmail.com

  4. BETTEBAKER, September 22, 2010:

    Over forty years I have used every scrubber known to man, sans the Spaghetti scrubs, really need to try these, I will buy these if they are great at getting mac and cheese out of a glass casserole. That is the worst for me. Sign me up, thanks

  5. halfbakedNW, October 26, 2010:

    Congrats. You are the lucky winner. Please check your email and respond. I will need your contact info so they can be sent.

  6. Lisa Duncan, September 22, 2010:

    I would love to try these! I've been looking for a more natural dishwashing sponge than what I'm using!

    duncan.lisa at gmail.gom

    I thought I left a comment already, but don't see it so if this is a duplicate, please delete.

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