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Half Baked Marketing Services

The internet has become a very social place these days. Today we go to our computer to find news and information, as well as connect with our friends on sites such as Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. Newcomers on the scene,  such as FourSquare, allow us to let our friends know where we are at any given moment and connect with them on a whole new level.

I remember the days when your local coffee shop, bar or restaurant used to be the place where you could do all of these things in your community. If you grew up in small town like I did, then there was always word of mouth marketing that came with this socialization. While this still occurs, our busy lives sometimes limit our time to socialize about socializing in the real world.

Have you tried that new diner downtown?” or “What are you doing Friday night?” questions over an after work beer have been replaced with wide spread broadcasts through social media sources. Event invitations beyond formal weddings and graduations are rarely mailed via the US postal service anymore, but rather sent via electronic means such as e-mail E-Vites or event postings on MySpace.

What is blogged, twittered, myspaced,or facebooked today to your 10 personal friends could be spread exponentially to all of their friends and again to all of the friends of friends until hundreds or even thousands have seen that comment.

What does this mean for the hospitality/restaurant/bar industry? How can you harness the virtual social world and drag it back to the real world? With the assistance of  HalfBakedinSeattle.com, you can tap into the streaming, real time, web chatter and get results.  There is no need to spend money on an expensive website to draw attention to your business and bring people in to gather.

Social Media: Half Baked in Seattle is socially active in many online communities and knows the power of networking those resources.  With many years of restaurant and hospitality services behind me, combined with my Internet marketing experience, I understand that busy restaurant managers/owners don’t always have time to spend monitoring the net, especially at the peak times of business. I can consult with you to help you make a plan that will bring customers through the door.  From Blogging to Twittering, I can do it all. Rewards for customer loyalty can be an attractant to new customers. How about an instant coupon? A Facebook follower event?  Let me set it up.

Mystery Shopping: For many years I did mystery shops as a consultant for other companies.  I will work with you to help set up an evaluation, one time or at scheduled intervals, to evaluate what YOU want, whether it be a specific employee or staff member, or if you just want an general outside opinion from an average customer.  Shops can be done anonymously so that your staff will not know when to expect it, or openly. If you have high expectations and you want to make sure that what happens when you are not looking also meets those expectations, let me be your eyes and ears.  Reward programs for employees who score well are a great way to show your appreciation for good work. Often, employee recognition is more valuable than a days worth of tips.

Blogging: Weather you have an existing website or you would like to start a blog site, I have the experience with WordPress and Blogger to get you going with a basic site and even write your blog posts if needed. I have a flair for words and scan spin your marketing in any direction you would like it to go. I have been recognized by the Washington Press Association with a First Place award in feature writing and have contributed to local newspapers, such as the East Side Sun,  as a restaurant reviewer/critic. I have also been a contributing writer to blogs for www.globalscholar.com and www.soliddocuments.com.  While I write independent, unsolicited reviews on my www.halfbakedinseattle.com site, I can also post informational or promotional posts for you at a low cost as well as generate reviews on popular sites like Yelp and Urban Spoon. Just a quick mention or a media storm? It is your choice.

I work for you, I am flexible and so is my pricing. I will work with you and your budget to find a solution that will work for you. Contact me today to get started and stop swimming against the current live stream of social interaction.

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